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Welcome to the Birmingham Flames Gym club website. In these pages you will find out all you need to know about the club. Take a look around and please contact us if you need more information.

Club People

The club is run by a team of Coaches, Judges and Parents who all do this on a voluntary basis. Click on View Page to see who they are..

Club News

Club News can be found on the News Page. This is updated frequently and Headline News can be found on the various News boxes on the Home page.

Session Times

All the Session times can be found on the About Flames page. You will find all the session details here for each level of gymnastics.

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Ex Flames Gymnasts say hello..

A message from a mum (March 2011) 'your girls are an absolute credit.  One thing I have thought of Flames is how lovely all the girls seem to be'

 A message (23rd May 09) from an "old Flames" now living in America.....        

Hi Alison,

It's Helen Smith here. You might not remember me, but I spent a very happy summer at Monyhull between my stint at Earls ( :( ) and when I went to Wrekin college. I can truly say that I never felt so welcomed at a gym as you and the girls made me feel at Flames!

I  am really happy to see that Flames seems to be thriving. You do a great job of keeping your website updated, and I check it every couple of months to see what is up. After all the work you have put in, building Flames from the end of Redditch and Bromsgrove to your successes now, you should be very proud of the journey you have made! I remember (with fondness) the cramped gym at Monyhull, with the occasional visit from one of the resident patients. An experience indeed, but one that has helped me have an appreciation of everyone's uniqueness, even today.

When I was competing in the early to mid nineties, Flames always had the reputation of being a very friendly, but perhaps not so competitive club. Now, it seems Fames is THE club in the Birmingham area and it is great to see that success, because YOU deserve it. I had a great time at Flames and wish that I could recreate your enthusiasm with the kids I coach now. You will have to share your tips for staying positive! I have got back into coaching heavily in the last year, but these American kids are a lazy bunch and hard work at times. I have some great kids, but some are very disrespectful and rude - not so fun to coach. Luckily I am on to a new group soon, but I am always learning and willing to learn, so please share any tips!

Alison, please say hi to anyone who might remember me from my time at Flames and thanks again for being such a great coach!

Helen Smith

Hi Alison and co,

Its really taken me back looking at all the photos and messages on the website. I didn't realise there was a website for flames gymnastics - I've been looking for it for many years. I was surprised to see myself on some of the photos as a young gymnast to. Its nice to see that your still doing a fantastic job and achieving brilliant results. I really appreciated all the hard work that you put into the club and really enjoyed being a gymnast at flames and on occasions representing them in competitions. Hello to all those people who are still there and who are still doing a brilliant job.

Emma N :-) x

Hey flames I just love this gymnastics centre its just so good and I want to stay here forever I love all of it. And I just hope I can do it forever

Love u all Milly


Congratulations Alison for the good impression the club gave on Saturday. I guess the Flames gymnasts managed to the make the most noise on the floor! (no problem with the warmth of the parents quarters, though).


Eduardo Grana      

Hi Al,

Is it safe to come & enter the veterans comp again? Might I beat you??



Hi Alison

Not sure if you will remember me or not as it is a good ummm… 13 or so years since I last attend Flames in Kings Norton, but I just wanted to comment on how nice it was that there was a website for you guys and how pleased I was to hear that the club is still going strong and how well all your girls are doing.  It is really nice to see their results, you must be very proud.  It was great to see the list of coaches on there, is that the Rachel Johnson I used to come with??

I know you used to do a lot of displays in the Summer, not sure if you still do these, but if you do, please could you let me know when/where etc as I would love to come and see it.  I live in South Wales now, but Birmingham is not to far away, do you still do a Christmas show?

I must admit a couple of years ago, I drove through Kings Norton after visiting Dad in the QE and I was very shocked to see that we had become a housing estate! 

I won’t take up anymore of your time, but as soon as I spotted the website I just had to say hello, I am sure I found some old pictures of Birmingham Flames the other day, if I have any good ones I will scan them and send them over so that they can be added.

Take care.

Kate x

heya everyone at FLAMES!

just wanted to say thanx for all the good times i had and to all the coaches ,especially al, for all the work they put in to make sure we all did well.:) missing everyone loads :(

loads of love IMOGEN xxxxx




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